Automated Monitoring of Critical Infrastructure

Your insights into IoT remote monitoring.

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Insights from Vale: How mines can digitize their monitoring through Internet of Things technology


“Digital transformation is not a project, it’s a journey. It needs to be started right away to improve value.”

An introduction to IoT wireless monitoring in the rail industry


“As a maintenance company, we suffer the cost of manpower.”

Remote geotechnical monitoring of rail track surroundings stability


Rail has been around for years. But there is still room for improvement in terms of safety, efficiency and sustainability.

3 ways that infrastructure monitoring can help in reducing carbon emissions


Remote monitoring can play a small but significant role in reducing materials use, human effort and emissions.

On-prem and cloud-based monitoring of tailings dams and open-pit mines


“We believe that cloud monitoring is going to be common market practice within the next five to 10 years.”

Rail monitoring with LoRa star IoT technology: your queries answered


Several sectors could benefit from remote monitoring. I really believe that it improves operational capacity.

Tunnel monitoring: cost-effective monitoring in hydrological projects


Monitoring is important for hydrological tunnel projects because many of them involve digging massive tunnels under built-up areas.

Tunnel monitoring with LoRa star technology: your queries answered


This blog answers some of the questions from a free webinar in May 2021 on LoRa star for tunnel monitoring.

ShapeArray with Loadsensing: the ultimate question-and-answer list


Loadsensing’s wide integration capabilities increased in February when Worldsensing unveiled a partnership with Measurand Instruments.

Wireless rail monitoring questions: Loadsensing features and benefits


What can help is the range of the wireless and the possibility to operate without the need for permanent power.

Why we see endorsement of ERMA as a big deal for Europe and mining


At Worldsensing, we seek to transform assets into climate-resilient critical infrastructure.

How wireless sensor networks can benefit the UK’s upcoming rail buildout


LoRa networks installed along railtracks can form the basis for early warning systems to help improve passenger safety.


How monitoring can help make tailings dams safer

This ebook, written by our mining and IoT experts, will help you understand the new challenges and solutions in tailings dam monitoring.



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