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A Comprehensive Guide to 2018’s Most Innovative Smart City Events

2018 is an exciting year for the growing smart cities sector. With so many events happening worldwide, there are numerous opportunities to discover the latest trends and network with smart city organizations, city officials and other urban innovators across all four seasons. As it can be challenging to find the most relevant events for you, we’ve cherry-picked the very best to make your life easier. Take a look at our comprehensive guide to 2018’s best smart city events and start planning your annual conference calendar now.



When? 29 January – 2 February 2018
Where? Barcelona, Spain
What? Cisco Live delivers education, connection and inspiration to technology enthusiasts.

Why you should attend: Cisco Live is where the “heroes of the digital age unite to make anything and everything possible”. Cisco is a key player in the international smart cities space, so you know from the outset that this event is important if you are working in this sector. The great thing about this conference though (compared to others) is its focus on learning: you can take part in programs, such as their IT management program, where you will gain concrete professional skills while simultaneously networking with other smart city experts and Cisco’s leading lights. You also have the opportunity to showcase your company and generate high-value leads through the exhibition space.

Smart Cities UK 2018

When? 1 February 2018
Where? London, UK
What? Smart City UK 2018 gathers leading technology and solution providers with city leaders of the UK.

Why you should attend: This event aims to lead the way for smart city innovations in the UK through sharing best practice examples of smart transformation within British cities. At the conference, you can access guidance and information on smart city transformations within the fields of data, energy, security, transport, infrastructure, and other key sectors.

IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things

Where? 5-8 February 2018
When? Singapore
What? The 2018 IEEE World Forum brings presentations on the latest technology developments and innovations in a variety of fields and disciplines that drive IoT solutions and applications.

Why you should attend: The program includes involvement from the public sector and industry deepening the understanding, dialog, and actions needed to accelerate the adoption and deployment of IoT. Focusing on Security and Privacy, Policy and Regulations, Best Practices, Open Source, and Standards.

Mobile World Congress

Where? 26 Feb – 1 March 2018
When? Barcelona, Spain
What? Mobile World Congress is the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry, organized by the GSMA and held in the Mobile World Capital, Barcelona.

Why you should attend: The MWC is the annual event for technology companies, especially those focused on IoT and telecoms, and includes both huge multinationals and emerging start-ups (in particular at its parallel event, 4 Years From Now). A lot of these companies are already in the smart cities space, especially those related to IoT and mobility, but others are now looking to get involved. While the conference is not specifically focused on smart cities, this gives you the advantage of being able to meet a greater diversity of companies whose technologies may be relevant to the smart cities industry even if they have not entered this space yet. This is your chance to meet not only the smart city divisions of the big tech companies but also the new players in this field, allowing you know in advance what lies ahead regarding 2018’s smart city tech innovations.

Urban Future

When? 28 Feb – 2 March 2018
Where? Vienna, Austria
What? Urban Future global conference is Europe’s largest event on sustainable cities and the hotspot for CityChangers around the world.

Why you should attend: At Urban Future, you will have the chance to meet mayors, architects, mobility experts, city planners, scientists, sustainability managers, representatives from start-ups, environmentalists, innovation experts, and many more.

Muni World 2018

When? 13-15 February 2018
Where? Tel Aviv, Israel
What? Muni World is an annual offline think tank focused on brainstorming key challenges and threats facing smart cities.

Why you should attend: Digital, Technical and Information Officers from the leading global cities get together to reveal proven best practices and exchange expertise, providing ample opportunities for international networking, gaining inspiration from case studies, and brainstorming new ideas.

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SXSW Cities Summit

When? 12-13 March 2018
Where? Austin, USA
What? The Cities Summit at SXSW provides an opportunity for global professionals at every level to participate, learn, and network, coming together to transform the cities of tomorrow.

Why you should attend: This event is unique in bringing together all types of professionals working in the city space – from city officials, to urban artists, to big tech firms. Its talks tend to be more varied and can therefore be very insightful in terms of giving a glimpse into alternative, “outsider” perspectives and new, radical ideas.

Intertraffic Conference

When? 20 – 23 March 2018
Where? Amsterdam, the Netherlands
What? Intertraffic Amsterdam is a bi-annual event that is key to staying up to speed on the developments in the fields of infrastructure, safety, parking, smart mobility, and traffic management. It features 800 exhibiting companies from 47 countries and has a 30,000+ visitor attendance from 134 countries worldwide.

Why you should attend: Join visitors and exhibitors from 140 countries to network and get up to speed with traffic technology developments worldwide. Benefit from unrivaled networking opportunities and connect across countries, technologies, and industry sectors. Gain knowledge in a variety of fields during inspiring seminars and events during the exhibition.

Smart Cities Connect Conference & Expo

Where? 26-29 March, 2018
When? Kansas City (MO) – USA
What? This event gathers leading technology and solution providers with city leaders.

Why you should attend: This is the place to meet industry-leading innovators, entrepreneurs and enterprise leaders representing 150 world-class companies, universities, and startups in North America. In 2017, the talks programme included was rich regarding citizen life and governance, and we really hope that’ll also be the case during the next edition. The event in a few figures: 400+ global city leaders, 300+ exhibitors & innovators, 2500 thought leaders in attendance.


Future Cities Show 2018

When? 9 – 11 April 2018
Where? Dubai, United Arab Emirates, AE
What? A gathering of international and local institutions from various industries to showcase and discuss solutions for a smart sustainable future as outlined by the United Nations on their 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Why you should attend: This conference brings together a wide variety of mobility, sustainability leaders, solution providers, and security vendors, giving you the opportunity to interact with those working in the cities space in the Middle-East and beyond.

Smart to Future Cities

When? 25-26 April 2018
Where? London, UK
What? This event showcases and shares practical and scalable smart city initiatives from across the world, which aim to improve citizens’ quality of life and local government efficiency.

Why you should attend: Interesting speakers from not only cities across the UK but also other European cities like Oslo (NO), Amsterdam, Groningen (NL), Copenhagen (DK), and Barcelona (ES). The principal talks will look at how citizen-focused smart city initiatives can provide solutions to problems in the following fields: public health and wellbeing, energy and environment, open and shared data platforms, and more.



Smart Cities Week Silicon Valley

When? 7-9 May 2018
Where? Santa Clara, California, USA
What? Building on the success of the Smart Cities Council’s annual conference held each fall in Washington, D.C., Smart Cities Week® Silicon Valley honours the region’s focus on innovation – with an interactive and intimate program tailored to meet the needs of cities in Western North America and the companies helping them prepare for what’s coming next.

Why you should attend: Focused on the next generation of smart cities, this conference will bring together city leaders and technology innovators to envision the city of tomorrow. Attend if you want to discuss how cities are leading the way in next-generation transportation, artificial intelligence and analytics, digital payments and citizen services, compassionate cities and other topics.

Smart Cities New York

When? 8-10 May 2018
Where? New York City, USA
What? Smart Cities New York (SCNY) is North America’s leading global conference to address and highlight critical solution-based issues that cities are facing as we move through the 21st century.

Why you should attend: SCNY brings together top thought leaders and senior members of the private and public sector to discuss investments in physical and digital infrastructure, health, education, sustainability, security, mobility, and workforce development to ensure there is an increased quality of life for all citizens as we move into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


When? 23 May 2018
Where? Vienna, Austria
What? Europe’s first GovTech event for leading politicians, public CIOs, startups, corporations, and VC’s.

Why you should attend: This is the GovTech version of the entrepreneurs meeting point Pioneers which takes place every year in Vienna. If you’re into networking, GovTech startup pitches, keynotes about worldwide innovations in the public sector and panel discussions, this is for you! Meet the innovators behind a $400bn market and learn more about the latest trends in Citizen Collaboration, Blockchain, and security.


International Parking Institute Conference

When? 3-6 June 2018
Where? Orlando, Florida, USA
What? The 2018 IPI Conference & Expo is the world’s largest educational and networking event for parking and transportation professionals.

Why you should attend: From seasoned managers to industry rookies, there’s something for everyone at this once-a-year opportunity to connect with thousands of peers from around the world. Expand your network, further your skills, meet with tech innovators, explore cutting-edge parking products and services, and much more.


Smart Cities Expo World Forum

When? 7-8 September 2018
Where? Toronto, Canada
What? Smart Cities Expo World Forum combines the power of collocated conference with state-of-the-art expo floor in order to educate people towards smart cities and urban planning technologies, strive for innovation, promote business and connect thousands of smart city experts from around the globe.

Why you should attend: You can become a part of a global community and tech ecosystem that is committed to creating optimum solutions, developing a more stable economy, improving our quality of life and promoting a better future, by considering incoming smart city trends and disruptive technologies.

ISS World Americas

When? 5 – 7 September
Where? Washington D.C, USA
What? ISS World Americas is the world’s largest gathering of America’s law enforcement, Homeland Security, defense, public safety and other members of the government intelligence community as well as telecom operators responsible for cyber threat intelligence gathering, DarkNet monitoring, lawful interception, and cybercrime investigations.

Why you should attend: ISS World Programs present the methodologies and tools for law enforcement, public safety, and government intelligence communities in the fight against drug trafficking, cyber money laundering, human trafficking, terrorism, and other criminal activities conducted over today’s telecommunications networks, the internet, and social networks.


Smart City Expo LATAM Congress

When? 11- 13 September 2018
Where? Puebla, Mexico
What? The main Latin American conference on Smart Cities, bringing together 12,000 professionals, 100 national and local authorities, 220 speakers, 140 businesses, 50 collaborating institutions, and 250 cities.

Why you should attend: This is the place to meet the principal experts, companies, and institutions working in the smart cities sector in Central and South America – a must-go-to event for a region that is really accelerating in the smart cities zone.

Intelligent Transportation System conference 2018

When? 17- 21 September 2018
Where? Copenhagen, Denmark
What? The ITS World Congress provides the ideal opportunity for all city stakeholders to come together, discuss and make the necessary contacts to move initiatives forward and to develop their business by exhibiting and demonstrating state of the art ITS solutions.

Why you should attend: If you’re in the smart cities space and working on anything to do with urban mobility, this is an essential conference for 2018. Not only will you have the chance to meet other professionals and government officials working in smart mobility, but you can also get ahead on the latest developments in ITS and attend numerous workshops on this topic, giving you access to the world’s current, and future, best practices in ITS. Plus, this is a bi-annual opportunity to attend an ITS World Congress in the European region – so don’t miss it!


Smart Cities Asia, 2018

When? 2 – 3 October 2018
Where? Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
What? Smart Cities Asia Conference aims to be the intersection between urban planning, technology, governance, and citizen involvement to address the modern challenges of cities.

Why you should attend: This conference provides the opportunity to discover and discuss some of the most creative emergent smart cities practices from the Asian region – an area renowned for its technological innovation and fast economic growth.

ISS World Forum, Panama, 2018

When? 9 – 11 October 2018
Where? Panama City, Panama
What? ISS World Latin America is the world’s largest gathering of Central and South American law enforcement, intelligence and Homeland Security Analysts as well as telecom operators responsible for hi-tech electronic investigations and cyber intelligence gathering.

Why you should attend: You will not only get to network with the key players in the Central and South American Security and Intelligence sectors but you will also get the chance to find out about the latest methodologies and tools for law enforcement, public safety and Government Intelligence in the fight against drug trafficking, cyber money laundering, human trafficking, terrorism, and other criminal activities conducted over today’s telecommunications network and the internet.

Smart Cities Summit 2018

When? 29 – 30 October 2018
Where? Atlanta, USA
What? The annual Smart Cities Summit continues to stimulate conversations among the country’s smart city elite and concentrates on the next stage of urban development.

Why you should attend: The Smart Cities Summit gives you the chance to hear from and interact with over 60 thought-provoking leaders from across the ecosystem, helping you to take the next step with your smart cities organization.




International Road Conference

When? 7 – 9 November 2018
Where? Las Vegas, USA
What? The IRF Global Road Conference is the new international meeting point where leading industry innovators, researchers, and stakeholders acquire essential engineering & business insights and help build tomorrow’s transportation infrastructure today.

Why you should attend: You will get a chance to meet the top technical and scientific experts in the region, engage with over 2,000 local and international delegates, network with key decision makers from the regions, benefit from an exceptional technical and scientific program featuring some 150 speakers, and view the latest technologies, products, and services in the exhibition space.

Smart City Expo World Congress 2018

When? 13-15 November 2018
Where? Barcelona, Spain
What? Smart City Expo World Congress is the world-leading summit of discussion about the link between urban reality and technological revolution. Since its first edition in 2011, it has become a dominant global event in supporting the development of our cities.

Why you should attend: This event is probably the number one annual world congress on smart cities. It’s the place to explore all the latest smart city projects and technologies and to build valuable connections with key decision makers across the spectrum of city councils, government institutions, established businesses, and new industry disruptors.

Now you have all the information, it’s time to get planning your own 2018 smart city events calendar. We’ll meet you there.

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