Automated Monitoring of Critical Infrastructure

Your insights into IoT remote monitoring.

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How LoRa star technology helps to monitor tunnel building and operation


“With this low-power, wide area network technology, data can be transmitted over large distances.”

How to improve the monitoring of combined sewer system projects


“The LoRa technology is reliable [and] it has a range of up to seven to nine miles, without line of sight.”

Tunnel monitoring with LoRa star technology: your queries answered


This blog answers some of the questions from a free webinar in May 2021 on LoRa star for tunnel monitoring.

7 pain points and 7 of our solutions for customers using IoT networks

Critical Infrastructure

Even though it’s 2020, a surprising number of companies still collect data manually.

Remote sensing in times of COVID-19: just what the doctor ordered

Critical Infrastructure

“In these times, … it’s more important to be able to monitor all your assets from a centralized point.”

How to Choose a Ground Anchor


It is important to choose a ground anchor that is best suited to the requirements of a project

Explaining Smart Ground Anchors


Smart ground anchors can deliver condition data on an almost continuous basis if needed.

Making the Case for Using Smart Ground Anchors as Standard


It’s important ground anchors be properly maintained. Load cells allow control anchors to be checked any time with minimum effort.

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