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Smart City Expo World Congress: How Can Cities Manage Smart Mobility?

Smart Cities

How can modern cities manage the growing challenges of smart mobility? We reflect on the key insights of the Smart City Expo in November in Barcelona.

Operational Intelligence: The Future of Urban Mobility

Smart Cities

Cities today are facing many of the same problems they were facing 100 years ago.

From Uber to Bird: Managing Urban Mobility Disruption in Smart Cities

Smart Cities

City governments are in many places being bypassed by emerging tech startups who can offer their end-users the travelling urban public.

The 6 Core Smart City Technologies

Smart Cities

Simple guide to help you understand the technological foundations of any smart city.

Is Elon Musk’s “The Boring Company” the future of tunneling or just a fad?

Trend Radar

Understand The Boring Co. as the next big smart city technology, offering to transform the face of urban transportation.

Emerging Futures: Connected Cars and their Impact on our Cities

Trend Radar

The benefits of the connected car: from cutting CO2 emissions in cities, to locating stolen vehicles.

IoT Platform Buyer? 6 Criteria You Should Be Using To Find Your Ideal IoT Vendor

Operational Insights,Trend Radar

Looking to buy an IoT solution or platform? Find out what to look out for in a vendor.

The 5 Pain Points Transport and Highway Operators Face before Implementing an IoT strategy

Operational Insights,Trend Radar

Transport and highway operators, particularly those in the private sector overseeing tolled roads, have a lot on their plate.

Understanding the IoT ecosystem: Platforms, Applications, and Solutions

Operational Insights,Trend Radar

The IoT Ecosystem Explained: Platforms, Applications, and Solutions

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse: the 3 IoT Trends Hitting the Market Right Now

Trend Radar

As a recently new, growing market, there is plenty of opportunity for IoT.

A Comprehensive Guide to 2018’s Most Innovative Smart City Events

Smart Cities

2018 is a exciting year for the growing smart cities sector; with so many events happening worldwide, there are numerous opportunities to discover.

How IIoT Is The Driving Force Behind The Development Of Smart Cities

Industrial IoT

Urbanization is one of the biggest global trends of our time and is showing no sign of slowing down.

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